I am Manastè

We don't add any ingredient that we can't pronounce. It's all natural, mostly organic and good enough to eat.

Ojas keeps all living beings nourished and refreshed.
There can be no life without Ojas.

Charaka Sutra Sthana, Chapter 30: Verse 9

The best kept secrets of our World

Being a yoga-preneur, healthy living has always been an intrinsic part of the daily regime. Eating wholesome, locally procured, indigenous foods, to wearing organic and sustainable fabrics, using a natural rubber yoga mat, but clean skincare was the missing link. Especially since I started paying attention to the labels of the un-pronounceable ingredients sitting on our shelves. This is what inspired me to start whipping up some products just for the use of the family. The journey began with some scrubs, which became famous in our friends circle and I started making them more seriously!

Blessed with ultra dry skin, next, I was to experiment with what is now known as “worlds best body butter”, by blending pure butters and cold pressed oils. It worked wonders! And Manastè was born, out of the sincerity to share the best kept secrets of the our world, out of the need to simplify skin care, out of the need to treat skincare as you do food; skin food, after all 60% of what we apply gets absorbed into the skin. And that’s the Manastè pledge- we don’t add any ingredient that we can’t pronounce. It’s all natural, mostly organic and good enough to eat.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

~ Dalai Lama
Chief Disruptor

Mansi Mahajan

Mansi is a soulful entrepreneur, the Founder of House of Kapaali, an award winning holistic Bed & Breakfast. She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor who is in a state of constant metamorphosis finding implicit joy in sharing freedom through movement, nourishment and health. Manastè is her passion project developed with an urgent need to restore the much-needed sense of balance in our modern way of living and being. Mansi is Manastè.

Chief Mad Scientist

Byron Callihoo

When you’re revealing in your yummy Manastè products, Byron is busy making sure that the temperatures/ measurements/ quantities are to a tee giving you the perfect experience in every jar. An oil and gas exploration engineer, turned photographer turned spiritual seeker, Byron is Manastè.

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